Crisis Communications Training

Preparation is the key to success

Handling a crisis situation is a task best entrusted to safe spokespersons who have practised and prepared and are tried and tested. Our advanced media training and crisis management session aims to build the skills and confidence needed to handle any crisis well. It also tests potential crisis areas and allows participants to formulate an appropriate communications approach. The session can thus be used as a testing ground for existing or potential official spokespersons.

The Programme:
Usually we build the day around one disaster that unfolds in stages. The participants give several media briefings leading up to a mock media conference. In the course of the day, participants will:

  • Rehearse key messages needed in all media situations
  • Learn appropriate response to various stages of a real potential crisis
  • Anticipate questions likely to be asked in a crisis situation
  • Learn how to behave in a crisis interview
  • Build control in handling questions you do not want to answer
  • Handle an ambush interview