English Coaching

How well you speak English can make or break a sales pitch or presentation. Good written English is an important persuasive factor in winning important deals. But more than that, English is the lingua franca of international business today and thus a tool vital to you and your organisation’s development. The better your command, the farther you’ll go.

Media Wise provides tailor-made applied English language training courses aimed at helping you to impress in English. The courses are aimed at business executives whose success depends on their ability to write and speak English clearly and professionally. We combine practical writing, presentation and conversation exercises with English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation practice.

We provide participants with detailed verbal and written performance reviews and record performances to monitor and demonstrate progress. We offer written and verbal language exercises and regular homework too.

Programme components:

  • Writing in English
  • Presenting in English
  • Conversation
  • Business vocabulary
  • Pronunciation and intonation
  • Grammar