The Dutch asset manager OXBY launched a new investment sentiment monitor this week and got solid media coverage thanks to Media Wise. The media coverage in turn triggered an active online debate. The article, which can be viewed at, was the most read item throughout the day on the webiste of leading Dutch daily De Telegraaf and triggered an emotional debate among readers, who posted more than 250 reactions. The report calculated that Dutch households were collectively losing at least EUR 1.1 billion per year as a result of leaving their savings in savings accounts. The calculation was based on an average savings deposit rate of three banks in the Netherlands of 1.5% and taking inflation into account (first-half 2013 inflation was 2.9%.) In addition, Dutch residents are liable to pay asset tax of 1.2% on their savings, which effectively pushes savers into minus territory. The survey was conducted by market research agency The Choice and led early news coverage on the landing page of the website of  De Telegraaf  on August 7. In addition the  radio station BNR conducted a five-minute intervew with Oxby’s head of investments, Tjade Groot, on the findings of the survey.  The story was also picked up by the website POW News and De Dagelijkse Standaard, which also compared the Dutch situation withneighbouring Germany and France.


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