Media Wise has covered most sectors as journalists, writers, content specialists and trainers. We have developed expertise in food & agriculture, finance, health, technology and sustainability communications in particular.

Our role focuses on developing and delivering clear, aligned messages through communications support ranging from strategic advice, PR, training and the production of communications content.

Clients in food and agriculture include international organisations, consumer and wholesale food producers, retailers, scientists and financiers.

When it comes to the story behind the numbers, Media Wise can work with you to develop your investment story. As former financial and business journalists, we have a solid understanding of financial reporting and we can provide an effective sounding board for Investor Relations Officers and Chief Financial Officers. Media Wise counts numerous banks and financial institutions among its clients.

Explaining scientific complexity is a task we excel at. We help corporate executives in the healthcare sector, doctors and scientists, to tell their stories in an effective and jargon-free way. Our clients in this area include international pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, biomedical companies, scientific publishers and academics.

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We at Media Wise are passionate about corporate responsibility and sustainability. Media Wise offers targeted policy and strategy development, stakeholder engagement initiatives, mapping of partnerships, sustainability reporting support and executive training sessions, all uniquely designed to integrate your corporate values into the world around you. Media Wise helps to embed companies’ core values and branding into content that cements stakeholder engagement and enhances reputation.

Explaining technological complexity in simple terms is a challenge we like. Companies we’ve assisted in this area range from medical equipment suppliers, software developers and robot experts, to consumer electronics firms.

Knowledge is the best asset of many companies and NGOs.

Through seminars and symposia, presentations, media coverage, reports and surveys, we help knoweldge-rich organisations to leverage these assets to generate new business and stay connected with clients.