Women Who Dare

Women Who Dare is a podcast about women with big dreams, ideas, and what it takes to make them happen. In each episode, journalist/coach Emma Robson interviews inspirational experts and entrepreneurs who have carved out a new niche for themselves


Women Who Dare

In this first episode of Women Who Dare, Emma Robson interviews employee engagement strategist Fiona Passantino about the state of employee morale and how to bring happiness into the workplace. Fiona’s new book – Handbook for Post-Covid Engagement:  a Comic Book for Executives – is available online.

Maud Janssen ‘s parents wanted her to become a lawyer.  Maud felt no affinity with law. So she ended up following her husband all over the world and doing various  jobs. A chance conversation with a coach later, in London, provided a trigger for change. Now for the past 10 years, Maud  has worked as a successful personal stylist and image consultant, using the popular methodology of the UK-based House of Colour.

Annette Nilsson has three horses who assist her in coaching. While each horse has its own personality, suited to different coaching situations, all share an uncanny ability to perceive people’s emotional state. Their reactions provide valuable insights on human behaviour, making them popular  coaching assistants. Originally, Annette started out on a very different career path but has now  found a way to turn her passion into her work.  

Women Who Dare
Episode 2

The personal stylist who never became a lawyer

As a young woman, Maud Janssen was steered by her parents to study law at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Her father wanted her to become a lawyer. She did study at Leiden, but not law. Instead she chose psychology, and went on afterwards to do various jobs, all over the world, that somehow were never quite it. One day in London, probing questions from a coach friend triggered a spark for action. Now for the past ten years, Maud has operated a successful personal stylist, image adviser and colour consultancy using the recognised methodology of House of Colour in the UK. Click here

Women Who Dare
Episode 3

Horses for courses!

Coach Annette Nilsson has three horses who assist her in coaching executives and individuals. While each horse has its own personality, suited to different coaching situations, what they share in common an uncanny ability to see right through people and to react accordingly, providing valuable insights on human behaviour.