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Media Wise offers a comprehensive communications service. Our dedicated, professional and flexible approach allows us to embrace projects of any size and ensures we deliver results that demonstrate clarity, quality and creativity.

Strategic advice

We at Media Wise love the challenge of a good communications puzzle and embrace the opportunity to create a strategy that fits an organisation, its objectives and its audiences, internal or external. We work with you in partnership to create clear, consistent and creative communications solutions that make a difference.

Public relations

From major campaigns to an ever growing drum beat of news, the benefit of effective public relations cannot be underestimated these days. But where do you start? Who do you want to communicate with? What exactly do you want to say? How do you want to say it and Why?

Media Wise will cut through the clutter to help you define your company’s public relations goals, ensuring that they are carefully integrated with your company’s core values and mission statement.

Media relations

As a team of ex-journalists and PR professionals we understand the media inside out. Print, broadcast or online media, we live and breathe it. Financial, B2B, consumer or social media: we understand how best to communicate with specific audiences and this is exactly what we help you do too.

Issues and crisis management

Media Wise can help prepare you for the unexpected. We help you anticipate, understand and manage situations ranging from product recalls and environmental damage to epidemics and crises. As experienced news and investigative journalists we have covered all forms of crisis situations. In our experience it is the organisations that have made the effort to plan and prepare that will survive at the end of the day.

Media Wise provides issues and crisis management advice to a wide range of companies. Our services cover:

  • Planning and risk assessment (from the communications perspective)
  • Developing standard operating procedures
  • Crisis communications drills and training
  • 24-hour senior level support in times of actual crisis

For more information on our crisis communications training courses, click here.


We put our journalistic research skills to the service of our clients by providing in-depth market research in the following areas:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Consumer opinion polls
  • Reputation research and perception surveys

Internal communications

Change is the norm for many corporations, large and small, bringing benefits yet new challenges. In times of upheaval, effective internal communications demonstrates good leadership and is essential to maintain a company’s objections and staff motivation.

Media Wise is well versed in handling internal change and ensuring internal and external communications are streamlined. We work in partnership with you to help them create and deliver the right messages at the right time.